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Quick warmup

Andy Tells Stories episode 2! My boyfriend’s new Youtube series :]

Late night sketches! I can’t do makeup but felt like spring makeup. Time to draw it!

I also drew my custom character from Soul Calibur 5 ;-; I freaking love that game.

Finally have an instagram! I’ll be posting sketches and paintings. Here’s a new one!

Check out my boyfriend’s new channel on Youtube, He tells stories! It’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.



I’ve been itching to practice expressions, so I drew the amazing StapledSlut/garbidge
And here’s a derpy WIP. It doesn’t really look like her o-o /sorry!

WOW you did an incredible job!

Oh hey thanks garbidge! You’re neat!





A late post, I’ve been busy with some new projects! :) I was practicing a new technique, and what better subject than Jean Luc Picard!

I guess I’m missing my TNG episodes, I might just have to rewatch it all. :>

Blue hair extravaganza! Love it!

RedditGetsDrawn drawing of user: johbeco

And another fun livestream :)